Weihai Jierui Medical Product Co., Ltd was established in 1999 and is a subsidiary high-tech enterprise of Shandong Weigao group medical polymer products Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong H-share listed companies, stock code 1066) . The company has fixed assets of RMB 500 million, class 100,000 cleanroom of 10,000 square meters, over 3500 employees and annual sales volume of RMB 1 billion.

Our company product portfolio includes wound care series, surgical suture series, ostomy care series, needle injection series, PVC pellets and TPE pellets series. Wound care products series were developed by our company since 2010 as a new product line with plans to research, develop, produce and sell high-level functional dressings such as Foam Dressing, Hydrocolloid Dressing, Alginate Dressing, Silver Alginate Wound Dressing, Chitin Dressing, Hydrogel Dressing, Silver Hydrogel Dressing, Adhesive Non-woven Wound Dressing For Single Use, Surgical Glue, Collagen Sponge, and Absorbable Hemostatic Gauze. Our goal is to become the largest manufacturer of wound care products. At the same time, aiming world-class products, we research and develop surgical suture series and ostomy care products to provide professional and one-stop solutions.

Our company has built wide sales network and has great customer resource. Our professional teams are globally engaged in healthcare services. By searching for cooperation with world-class medical device company actively, our company has become the cooperation partner with some medical device companies in the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan. As their general agency in China, we are working on the market sales and promotion in china, and we have the ability to provide professional and systematical solution to the hospital customers.

Weihai Jierui Medical Products Co., Ltd. will take up the mission of “Your Health, We Care”, believe in the core values of “Conscience, Integrity, loyalty " and make contributions wholeheartedly to improve the level of human health.